XYZ is the fundamental of 3d. X our left and rights, Y up and down and Z foward and backwards. The 3d movies which we watch now allows us to precive depth as we would in the real world. In the real world, humans have 2 eyes which allows us to see depth and introduces the Z axis. So in theory, instead of capturing the world with one eye of the camera, the lenses, why not capture it in 2. Funnily enough, 3d did not just reach our doorsteps in the 21st century. An artist in Japan used stereoscopic in his paintings before in the 19th century. However it was more of painting 2 images of the same image and projecting them simultaneously. It was an interactive way to show a piece of Japan to the rest of the world as that was the time when Japan started to open their doors. However, I don’t think 3d works all the time. I think 3d movies are more effective if they are animated as they contain more action and well, animation. Most movies we would see the characters talking half of the time and the action sequences account for only 20-30 mins on average. Imagine watching a chick flick in 3d. Think about it



I alwys tend to model complicated things like Ironman with the thousands of pieces or a super detail car with the wires and what not. Recently I realize, If to tell a story better, easier and cheaper, cartoonish and simplistic models work as good or not even better. I watched the trailer of despicable me and the characters, like we have seen in many 3d films are simple and easy to understand. Although the complicated models i usually do serves for Visual effects film to achieve realism and what not, I would like to explore animation and just animation as a whole. No real live actors or green screen. Just letting the CPU do all the work. I know alot of peopple..exp Westerners hate Final Fantasy Advent Children for what reason we shall not know, but I think it should be appreciated. Some full CG concentrate to be alittle more realistic than cartoon like and that is ok also i guess, but we dont see much of those, mainly just in game cinematic like the Assassin Creed 2 trailer. However I think all animation forms be it super realistic or cartoon like, there is a value in all of it. Just appreciate the art.


                  Democratic power in TSW



President of the country- Highest rank of the political power. Has the power over all the military, Aviation and Port association and economic society. Is only over ruled by the house of parliament and public elections.


Vice President-2nd most powerful man In the country. Tasks to carry out operations set by the president. Has the power to refuse presidential commands if he sees it is unfit for the nation at that time.


Republic Military Commissioner-The republic commissioner is the head of the military operations, especially during wartime. Power to order national codes like the famous containment policies.


Republic Citizen Police Commissioner- Commissioner of the society. Handles problem like citizen crime. Only answers to internal security measures


President of the Authority of Aviation Technology- Specially formed to counter the measures of Mafia threats and Pirates terrorist. Answers to External security measures and assists the country during wartimes.


President of the Authority of Maritime Technology- Formed for security guarding of the country’s territorial border and assist in shipping incidents or crime related events that happen in the sea.




AAT officer ranking

AAT Trainees

AAT trainees are those who have been accepted to enter the AAT recruitment programme trough an 8 months paid intensive training. They will be taught about basic aviation technology and more about the aviation industry. At the end of this programme, they will have to go through an examination which tests their understanding of the AAT’s purpose, serve, cause and their practical missions testing them on how they handle critical mission operations. If they pass, they will be able to continue to be an AAT rookie.

AAT Rookies

Some who straight away enter the Authority through the rookie inductions are usually recognized talents from young age. Like Leo and Jerry. They do not have to go through the AAT Trainee programme. This means they have a guaranteed job as usually chopper pilots or level 1 officers who carry out mainly guards job of cleaning up a crime scene left by the pirates or mafia.

AAT Recruitment Programme

Another way for the AAT to recruit new blood is trough a recruitment programme. The AAT says this is an alternative method on how the AAT can get new people to the cause ever since the pirates grew even larger. But in actual fact, those who enter have no concern to serve the people of the country(More about this in the secret page)

AAT Aviators

The next ranking above trainees and rookies. The aviators are mainly promoted after serving 4 years with the AAT or have stood out well in an operation. Basically their pay rises and they are allowed to enter a training to fly the Cyclone flyer after completing the Aviation weapons system test

Aviation Cyclones

Cyclones are the next promotional standard the aviators can look at. Basically their pay rises. Also they now are all cyclone flyers means they get their hands on the latest aviation technology. Also more is expected of them in terms of service and understanding of the authority. Those who are here have served the AAT for more than 10 years but some, like Leo, got here because of tremendous performance in operations and missions.




TSW: Where the story begins

So I know the previous post has alot of stuff and it looks as if I am making a featured film. But those are just the interiors, the story I am planning to do is nicely packed under 15 mins. So this is how the story starts, I think. It is still under development so be easy if you think it sucks.

So the theme of the story here is the Authority VS the Crusades

The story begins at the crusades camp where Isabella is held hostage. She is not being tortured or anything like that, but instead treated very well as a guest. She is awaiting the arrival of Leo the leader of the crusades to the camp. Leo had asked for a private audience before allowing Isa to leave. So the story starts with Isa writing to her diary about how life is in the camp, and writing down her experience for the past 12 days. So in one of the parts as she is writing about a memory she had overhearing a conversation. Then, I will cut to the scene of the conversation in a closed room between Christopher Wolfstein and Sir Robert. Basically this scene is a short argument between the two on whether Chris should be given full takeover without contention after Sir Robert’s resignation from office. It ends with Chris stomping out unsatisfied.


I will then go back to Isa walking past the camp towards one of the buildings where he will meet Leo, and Isa thinking to herself about the first time she met Leo 2 years ago. So I will cut again to a scene where Isa is visiting Sir Robert in the hospital after he was poisoned(Read the previous post). Then Leo came in to pay his respects. There is a moment where both of them smiled at each other. At the same time, a voice saying “Have we met before?” is heard  then scene cuts back to the present. Then we come to the scene of Isa and Leo holding talks. Basically here Isa asks the question of why Leo became a terrorist and stuff( Read the previous post). So here we go back again to the event leading up to the silver night, where Leo is on his plane flying towards the Pirates base. So to cut short here, this is where the exploding battle scene happens. There will be a cut back to present time once also. Basically Leo is explaining the event of the silver night( Read the previous post). So the climax or so called of this story is at when Leo tracks down the scorpion, and the truth is revealed about the secrets of the AAT which will be revealed next week. Also there is a scene of Sir Robert summoning and appointing Chris as the new president, while moments away from death. Please read the event of the silver night at the previous post if you don’t understand. And the last part of this presentation would be there is a sudden attack at the present time and the crusades are escaping. Isa than followed Leo and joined the crusade’s cause


Okay, so some parts may be a little confusing, but like I say this is still under development and I am not so good at describing the events in words. But once I do the screenplay and original treatment than you can get a clearer picture.

So thanks for reading and be sure to read next week’s post on the secret of the AAT and why the war is Secret. TC

Characters in the Secret War

Characters of the Secret War

Well this week I thought I would reveal more about some of my characters and have a bit of character bio. Who are they what do they want, those kind of things. I will also write a bit about the synopsis. I also want to write about the interior of the characters too.


Character 1: Main Character

Name: Leonard Henry Archer

Occupation: No registered occupation. Informal occupation: Leader of the Crusades. Once worked for the AAT as a devil pilot. He was categorized as a terrorist after allegedly helping the pirates to escape during the silver night. He is now the most wanted terrorist in the AAT’s eyes.

Age: 29

Story: The silver night was the most emotional day for Leo. He was performing an operation under the AAT. The objective was to arrest a criminal lord the scorpion. That operation got messy and many pirates and AAT officers died. Leo, after finding out earlier that the scorpion killed his father, took matters to his own hands and went against orders to track down the scorpion in to the jungles. In confrontation with the scorpion, Leo demanded to know why he killed his father. The scorpion denied this accusation and presented some compelling evidence that proved his innocence. Videotapes and recordings of Leo’s father, Jerry addressing his son on the secret of the AAT (The secret will be revealed next week). After realising the truth, Leo blocked off the remaining AAT forces chasing the pirates and followed the scorpion. While Leo and his new found mates head back to base, the scorpion died through injury sustained during the attacks. The next morning was even harder for Leo as news reached him that Sarah, his wife died in a “fire breakout” who was still pregnant. Leo knew it was not an accident as reported and plotted revenge. He then formed the crusades sworn to reveal the real crime committed in their world.

C2:  Supporting Character

Name: Isabella Elizabeth Marie

Occupation: Aviation Defence Strategist under the AAT. Also the daughter of the Chief Major of the Military.

Age: 23

Story: She was a hostage of the crusades. She was kidnapped as seen in the public’s eye, while  performing a scout on the islands for the sight of a new defence tower. The story begins in the camp of the crusades where Isa was held “hostage”. This character has little history, so her development is seen later.


Name: Major Henry Aaron

Occupation: Major of the Military  of the country

Age: 59

Story: He was Jerry Archer’s friend. And also Isabella’s father. He was one of the 9 founders of the AAT although he holds no positions there. In an interview, he says love for military and old age was the reason for him not taking a more stressful job in the AAT. He has many contacts and deliveries for him and is always present for any AAT organised events like air shows and other public oriented events. He is also a spokesperson for the military and aviation technology and is also a member of the parliament.


Name: Christopher James Wolfstain

Occupation: President of the AAT

Age: 37

Story: In this story, Chris is seen as a dark and isolated person. He is the president of the AAT responsible for acknowledging all operations and accountable for deaths of his officers.  He became the president mainly to much manipulation. The previous president, Sir Robert Daniel died during service at the age of 72. Events leading up to his death is very shocking indeed. However, almost no one knew how shocking. Chris is a very motivated and driven man. He thrives for power and technology. He worked his way up in the AAT to Chief Commander, the 4th powerful seat in the AAT. At that time, mafia gangs were at large and the AAT was tasked to bring down the Mafia Lord. Chris made a secret deal with the Mafia Lord to kill the 3rd most powerful man in the AAT and in exchange for the AAT to get off his back. . After the murder, Chris moved up a rank. He then organised an operation which was supposedly to arrest the Mafia Lord upon getting a lead. The Mafia Lord was caught and Chris gained recognition for the capture of the most dangerous man at that time. In truth, the man captured was not the Mafia Lord instead someone else. Chris had arranged for a gruesome plastic surgery of his brother who knew of his plans, and the face of the Mafia Lord was in Chris brother’s body. Soon, Chris’s brother was executed for the crimes the Mafia Lord committed. The Mafia Lord is still at large. Upon resignation of the 2nd most powerful man in the AAT 2 years later, Chris was nominated and favoured to take up the position which he did. In the next few years, Chris was awaiting for the resignation of Sir Robert which never came. Sir Robert had sworn to serve as long as his health allowed him, and Sir Robert was well to serve. This won’t do for Chris. In an act of infamy, Chris returned again to his mafia friends to poison Sir Robert. Killing him with an assassin  was too risky a mission as Sir Robert was always well guarded. Weeks passed and Sir Robert’s health weakened. On a sad day, the same night as the silver night, Sir Robert summoned Chris to the house of justice to transfer his position to Chris. Then he died. Although Sir Robert disliked Chris as he has much individual goals and too much a one man rule, he was forced to do so for the nation. The third most powerful man in the AAT, who was a strong candidate, was found dead the morning before. Only Chris and Leo’s father Jerry knows of this truth.










Notes week 2

Elements of a dialogue

Purpose of a dialogue:

Discovery of a Character

It reveals the character. Upon establishing your main character’s POV, you can use dialogue with other characters to show they have attitudes and other POVs. However, I believe that we should not commit to dialogue so frequently and try to use action as alternative or shorten the dialogue. Otherwise, we will be instead writing a book of hypothesis of what he said and why he said it.

The Conflict

Dialogue can also be used to sustain an element of conflict. My opinion is that dialogue portrays emotions and feelings of one character to another. A short statement supported by an action which makes the character’s feeling clearer to the audience. For example,  “Shut Up” roared Sam as he banged his fist on the table.


A good effective dialogue moves the story forward, it communicates with the audience. It conveys essential expositions. The character will talk about what happened establishing the storyline. One sentence can change or add a twist in the story from what the audience was originally led to. For example, “What made you think I was going to kill you” said the murderer. Alan looked stunned and confused for a second, but why has he been chasing Alan for all these years? Alan than looked at his stunned sister shivering beside him, and recalled that the murderer had a past of killing many innocent young girls before.

The dialogue ties a script together. In a storyline, where from the start to about 75% of the story, the story may play around with the audience’s mind and leave the many unanswered questions, but one piece of conversation or dialogue can tie them all up together and allows the story to make sense.


Dialogue should be used sparingly. A good dialogue is not someone’s ability to write an authentic speech. Dialogues are illusions of reality. Edit what people say without losing any spirit. Word for word. Never write a dialogue that is verbatim. Film is visual, screenplay is a story told in picture.